The R-Project is continuosly evolving, and therefore it is very likely that, if you have a different configuration that the one used during the book production, you get unexpected results. As we are also continuously applying R to Six Sigma, and improving the SixSigma package, we will include here information and code updates in order to get the best of R for Six Sigma, and keep the book examples running.

March 2016

SixSigma package has been updated to version 0.9-3. Main changes:

February 2016

SixSigma package has been updated to version 0.9-2. Main changes:

December 2015

The Book Quality Control with R. An ISO Standards Approach has been published in Springer Use R! Series. Visit the book's companion webpage for further information further information.

March 2014

SixSigma package has been updated to version 0.8-2. Main changes:

November 2012

SixSigma package has been updated to version 0.7-0.

A function to create control charts has been added. Check the R Package section in the sidebar menu to see examples. Moving range control charts are supported, after qAnalyst package removal from CRAN (see below). To create the Moving Range control chart described in Section 12.5 (pg, 226, fig. 12.6) run the following code:"mr",, CTQ = "pb.humidity")

September 2012

Users of the SixSigma package must update their version of the ggplot2 package to 0.9.2, in order to be able to use version 0.6.3 of SixSigma. Both packages can be updated easily with the following code:

update.packages(oldPkgs = c("SixSigma", "ggplot2"))

Using the function without arguments, all the obsolete existing packages are updated upon confirmation.

Some of the examples that use ggplot2 package in the book may not function appropriately. We will make available an updated version of the code which run in the latest versions in section Chapters.


August 2012

The qAnalyst package has been removed from CRAN. It is used in Chapter 12 for plotting moving-range control charts. The package can be downladed yet from the CRAN archive. We plan to include a function for this task in the SixSigma package soon.